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Standard Passenger and Low Profile Tires

As previously stated, many pickups and SUVs use standard passenger or low profile tires. Standard passenger tires are usually 75 series, 70 series and 65 series, while low profile tires are usually considered as 60 series and lower. However these days, not only do relatively ordinary cars, pickups, and SUVs have low profile tires, but most standard tires also come in low profile sizes. Virtually all of the tires listed below have both standard and low profile sizes available. These are the tires we primarily carry and recommend, but not only can we get all major brands, there are many more that we like and recommend in the “Tires by Brand” section.

Economy All Season, 35-40K rated tires


Our favorite economy all season tire is the Doral. Not only does it come in a wide variety of sizes, (up to 17”), but we’ve sold them for years and have had almost no problems with them. They are good in the rain, balance well, wear respectably (for an economy tire) and don’t fall apart. They also have a pretty good all season tread design for dirt roads and light snow. The only negative we’ve heard (and that’s been rare) is that some sizes may make a little bit of noise. Other than that, these have been everything you’d want from an economy tire. They are made in Indonesia by the Japanese company Sumitomo. There are a number other tires available to us for a couple bucks less per tire, but most of them are just not as good, so we prefer these.

Other Economy All Season Tires
The Doral is the normal economy tire that we carry. However, when we can’t get them, or if the Doral doesn’t have the size, there are a number of other tires we use. On our home page, we state that we avoid inferior quality tires. That fact is most conspicuous in this category. These are all economy tires, and they’re all made in China. However, we screen them carefully to make sure we get the best tires we can, while conscientiously avoiding the bad ones. We also carefully evaluate them once we start selling them. If we start having problems with any of the tires we sell, we stop. So far, these have all been pretty good, but we don’t have the track record with them that we have with the Doral. They are (in no particular order, see photos below) the HiFly (first row left), the Goodride (first row middle), the Gremax (first row right), the Regul (second row left), and the Capital (second row middle and right).






Mid-Grade All Season Tires, 50-70K rated tires

Hankook H724 and H426


We don’t carry the mid-grade tires in every size, but we do have some, and many more sizes are available. The ones that we carry are the most sizes in are the Hankook 724 and the Hankook H426. The Hankook 724 is actually Hankook’s entry level tire, but they are rated at 70,000 miles and are priced just a little higher than most economy tires. The H426 is a low rolling resistance tire, so they should save you money on gas. They’re either 50 or 60K rated depending on the size and speed rating. They drive a bit nicer than the 724, but also cost a little more. Because they’re a low rolling resistance tire, we primarily carry the 426 in the common Prius sizes, but there are lots of other sizes available. Both of these tires are soft riding, quiet, and good in the rain.

Cooper CS3 Touring and Lifeliner GLS

CS3 Touring

Lifeliner GLS
The CS3 Touring is Cooper’s new mid-grade tire. They are either 50 and 65K rated, depending on the tire size and speed rating. They are made in the US, and since they are a brand new tread design from Cooper, we know that they’re very well engineered. We don’t carry a lot of these either, but we do have some on hand, and they make quite a few different sizes. The Lifeliner GLS is the older tire that the CS3 will be replacing. However, we like the more open tread design for all wheel drive vehicles. We carry these in the 205/55R16 size for Subarus, and again there are more sizes available. They are also made in the US. We have sold Coopers for years and we’ve had very good feedback on them, but they do tend have firmer sidewalls. It shouldn’t be to the point of harsh, but a little firmer riding. This is actually an advantage in some situations such as top heavy vehicles, or curvy road driving, but ride quality does suffer slightly.

Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring

Tiger Paw Touring
The Tiger Paw Touring is Uniroyal’s better all season tire. It comes in H and V rated tires which are rated at 55K, and T rated tires which are 70K. These are a good solid tire and are very well priced. In the sizes we carry, they’re usually the best value of the higher mileage tires.

Premium All Season, 75-100K rated tires

Hankook 725 and 727


The Hankook 725 is one of our favorite tires. We’ve sold them for years, and they’ve been very good. They are an 80K tire that is quiet, smooth on the road, very well priced, good in the rain, and wears well. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from small 14” all the way up to low profile 18” - most of which we carry. The 727 is the big brother to the 725 and is a 100K tire. They don’t have as many size options as the 725, and we don’t carry as many. However, we’ve heard many times from our customers that they drive really well – very smooth. So if you’re looking for a tire that’s smooth, quiet, good in the rain, and wears very well for a good price, the 727 is an excellent choice.

Cooper CS4 Touring and CS5 Ultra Touring

CS4 Touring

CS5 Ultra Touring
The Cooper CS4 is also a tire we’ve also sold for years, and we’ve had very good feedback on them. Our customers have reported very good wet traction, good wear, and they’re very dependable. We also like the facts that they are made in the US, and that they have a nice open tread for all wheel drive vehicles. These also come in a wide range of sizes, all the up to 18”. This tire also comes in different speed ratings. The T rated version is an 80K, and the H and V rated versions are rated at 60K. However, at 60K, they are still one of the best values of the higher speed rated tires. Even though these have always been one of the best values in passenger tires, they used to be around $10 more per tire than the Hankook. However, now that Cooper has lowered their pricing, they’re pretty close to the Hankook. So now we have more in stock and they are an even better value.

The CS5 is the new version of the CS4. It’s so new that at the time of this writing, we’ve only sold one set, and it was this morning! So even though we don’t have a track record on them, Cooper has really been doing good R & D work. They have the Discoverer AT3 and the Zeon RS3-A tires which were rated at the top of Consumer Reports’ list. (The RS3-A is tied with Michelin). Since this is their new all season tire, we expect them to be very good also. They should be better in most every way from the CS4s, except perhaps snow traction (the CS4 has a more open tread design). Like the CS4, the H and V rated versions are 60K rated, while the T rated tires are 80K.

General Altimax RT43 and Eldorado Legend Tour

Altimax RT43

Legend Tour
The RT43 is General’s 75K rated all season which replaced the Altimax RT. The RT had a fairly aggressive tread, and was one of our favorite tires for people who live where it snows, but didn’t need/want a full snow tire. We’ve heard that the RT43 has even better ratings, so these should also be good in wet and light snow. This is another tire we have in stock in just a few sizes, but we like them a lot for all wheel drive vehicles. They are also very well priced.

The Eldorado Legend Tour is the little brother to the CS4 above. It has most of the same characteristics: It’s made in the US by Cooper, it has a nice open tread design, it also comes in multiple speed ratings (with the same mileage distinction), it comes in many sizes, and they’re also very dependable. However, the difference is that Cooper does put better quality rubber on their name brand tires. So the Eldorado probably won’t wear as well as the Cooper name brand, but they’re also less expensive. They actually come in a little cheaper than the Hankook, and for that reason, we have more Eldorado in stock than Cooper.

Snow Tires

In general, any good snow tire will be head and shoulders better than even a premium all season tire in snow and ice. Now there may be improvements from a good snow tire to the very best snow tires, but the advantage will be relatively small compared to the difference between an all season tire and a snow tire. Studs will improve traction in ice even more, but since they are only legal from November until April in California, you’ll want to carefully consider whether or not you need them - and you’ll need two sets of tires. Also, not all snow tires will take studs, so if you want to stud them, let us know ahead so we can get tires that are “pinned” for studs. Studs must be installed before the tires are used.

On the other hand, the biggest down side of the snow tires is that they don’t wear very well. The tread compounding is formulated to grip in snow and on ice, but in order to do this, wear is sacrificed. To our knowledge, no snow tires are an exception to this. Even the very best snow tires are usually only good for 35-40K. Something I’ve heard our customers say over and over is that snow tires wear fast in the summer, so they should be taken off. Our experience suggests that this is not exactly correct. We know lots of folks who use them all year round and they wear just fine in the summer, they just wear faster in general. Lastly, most distributors will only have two or three brands of snow tires in stock, so availability is usually limited. This is one of the reasons we’ve used the Mastercraft snow tires – they’ve been available, but they’ve also been very good.

Mastercraft MSR and Glacier Grip


Glacier Grip
The main snow tires that we sell are the Mastercraft MSR and the Mastercraft Glacier Grip . We’ve sold these for years and we’ve had very good feedback on them. The MSR is the tread design that Mastercraft (same company as Cooper) offers for pickups and SUVS. It comes in wide variety of sizes, but not low profile or smaller car tire sizes. Instead, the Glacier Grip covers those. Both of these tires have been very good: We’ve seen them get excellent traction, wet and dry, drive well, and be very dependable. Also, I’ve driven in vehicles with the MSRs and surprisingly, they were very quiet on the road. I haven’t driven on the Glacier Grips but I’m pretty sure they don’t make much noise either.

For more on these and all of our tires, please visit our other sections. Thanks for looking!

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