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Souza's Tire Service is proud to offer Cooper tires to Auburn, CA, Sacramento, CA, and Rocklin, CA at some of the lowest prices around. Souza's Tire Service helps customers find the right Cooper tires for their car or truck at the right price that fits their budget. Give us a call at (530) 823-8232 today and we will work with you to find the right Cooper tires for your car. Or you can contact us online. Remember Souza's Tire Service is the number one Cooper tire dealer in Auburn, California and also offers great deals providing Auburn, CA tire services. Not sure which tire is right for your car then use our online tire catalog.

Cooper is an American tire company that has been around since 1914. They still make the majority of their Cooper name brand tires in the U.S, and we're pretty sure that all of the ones that we sell are American made. They sell a consistently high quality tire at a competitive price. Below are only a few of their tires, the ones that we stock and sell often. However, we can order any of their tires that are currently available, and we usually get them quickly. You may notice that most of the descriptions below are truck and SUV tires. Cooper has long been one of our "go to" tires for those vehicles, offering hard to beat quality and value.

CS4 Touring

The CS4 comes in T, H and V speed ratings. The T rated (118 mph) carry an 80,000 mile warranty and the H and V rated (130 and 149 mph respectively) are warrantied for 60,000 miles. We sell mostly the T rated 80,000 mile tires and have had really good feedback on them. Our customers have reported good wear, good ride quality, and excellent cornering traction in the rain. The H and V rated versions have the same tread style and will offer better cornering performance at the cost of reduced mileage. While most of our customers prefer more mileage, for those who want or need better cornering performance, the H or V rated CS4 is a very good choice. They offer better cornering while still wearing much better than a full on performance tire. Another feature of this tire is that it comes in a number of sizes for SUVs that have very few high mileage choices.

Discoverer H/T

The Discoverer H/T is Cooper's 60,000 mile truck and SUV tire, and although our customers have reported very good wear with these, they are priced quite a bit lower than comparable tires from other manufacturers. Because of this, this has been one of our preferred truck/SUV tires for years, not the cheapest, but among the best, dollar for dollar. These will be good in the rain, smooth and quiet on the road, but not the best choice for vehicles that see a lot of dirt or snow. For that, we recommend more of an all-terrain tire, such as the ATR (see below) On the other hand, with their straight tread, this type of tire resists the "cupping", or uneven up and down wear that certain commercial vehicles are prone to. Another characteristic of the Cooper truck tire lineup is that they have a little stiffer sidewall than some others. Though not so stiff as to be harsh or hard, they has the advantage of being more stable with loads and when cornering. Therefore, these are a good choice for heavily loaded or top heavy vehicles.

Cooper Discoverer AT3

The Discoverer AT3 is Cooper's new top of the line all terrain tires, and it has a 55,000 mile warranty. This tire came out in early 2011 and not only have we gotten very good feedback from our customers who've had them, they were rated best all terrain tire by our favorite consumer magazine. Although this tire has a 5,000 mile higher tread wear warranty than its predecessor, the biggest difference is in traction. Cooper did a very good job engineering this tire to make it a huge improvement in traction in rain, dirt and snow, making it an excellent choice for folks who live in or go to the mountains. Like the other Cooper truck tires, they have a relatively firm sidewall, which makes them stable on top heavy or heavily loaded vehicles, without being particularly hard riding.

Cooper Discoverer S/T and S/T MAXX

The Discoverer S/T is one of a select few tires that are an excellent compromise between an all-terrain tires and mud terrains. These tires are best suited for dirt, mud, and deeper snow. Notice the raised elements between the outer tread blocks: Those are not just there for looks, they actually work to release mud buildup so that they don't turn into a mud ball! For lighter snow, a good all terrain or snow tire will be better. However, for the right situations these give their owners almost as much traction as a full mud tire, but they have road manners and wear almost as good as most all terrains. They do make some noise, but it's not too bad. For people who want more traction, but still do mostly street driving, these are a good choice. Pretty much everyone we've sold these to has been really happy with them! The S/T MAXX is the newer version of the S/T and even though there are still many sizes only available in the S/T, the MAXX is slowly replacing it. Like the A/T3, the MAXX has been carefully engineered to be an improvement in traction over the already very good S/T. It also features a third sidewall ply (like the very best mud tires) for greater resistance to punctures during heavy off road use.

Discoverer STT-2

The STT-2 is Cooper's full mud tire. This tire competes with the very best mud tires, but at a lower price point. It has a third sidewall ply for improved "bruise resistance" that is only found in the very best, and usually most expensive mud tires. In other words, this tire is harder to break when you smash the sidewall into things like rocks and stumps. And for a mud tire, it has a relatively smooth quiet ride, and long tread life. That is not to say that it is really quiet and truly long wearing, but that it is better than many of the other mud tires. All in all, it is a premium product with a middle of the road price tag.

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