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Finding Your Tire Size

People often call us and ask us for a price for tires on their year/make/model car. The problem with this is that the majority of cars have several different sizes for the same year model car. Also, for various reasons, the tire size is often changed from the factory specificaiton. Because of this, it's good to check both the existing size on the car, and the vechicle size information - either on the door placard and/or in the owner's manual.

If the tire size on your vehicle, and the manufacturer's recommended size don't match, it's probably easiest to call us and we can figure out what your options are. However, we will still need to know both sizes so that we can find the correct size. Below are examples of how to find this information.

Another note; some cars come from the factory with different sizes front and rear. And sometimes odd size tires end up on your vehicle. So it's a good idea to check at least front and rear tires for their size.

Examples of tire size markings on the tire.

Here is an example of door placards. This information is usually found on the driver's door, or door opening. However, it can sometimes be on any of the other doors, the glove box or or even on the fuel filler door. If you can't find it in any of these locations, then you have to check the owner's manual.

Here is an example of the listing in the owner's manual. Note that on this car, not only is there more than one option, there are different front and rear sizes. Usually, you can find this in the manual, but the owner's manual for our shop truck didn't have it, so the only place it could be found was on the door panel.

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