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Hankook Tires

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Souza's Tire Service is proud to offer Hankook tires to Auburn, CA, Sacramento, CA, and Rocklin, CA at some of the lowest prices around. Souza's Tire Service helps customers find the right Hankook tires for their car or truck at the right price that fits their budget. Give us a call at (530) 823-8232 today and we will work with you to find the right Hankook tires for your car. Or you can contact us online. Remember Souza's Tire Service is the number one Hankook tire dealer in Auburn, California and also offers great deals providing Auburn, CA tire services. Not sure which tire is right for your car then use our online tire catalog.

One of our favorite brands is the Korean made Hankook. Hankook actually means "Korea" in Korean! Though not as well-known as some others, Hankook is the world's seventh largest tire manufacturer and has been around since 1941. Their slogan for years was: "world class tires at sensible prices". They do a very good job of accomplishing this, as testified by their many rave reviews, and our experience. This also matches well with what we try to do, to provide the best possible products at the best possible prices. Here are descriptions of some of their tires that we sell.

Optimo H724

The 724 is Hankook's entry level tire. Though it costs barely more than most economy tires, it is rated at 70,000 miles! It comes in a wide variety of sizes that fit most standard cars, small pickups, and minivans. Though expecting full mileage from any tire in the hills of Auburn would be optimistic at best, we expect this tire to wear much better than anything in its price range, be good in the rain (like all Hankook tires) and have a quiet smooth ride. The casing body of this tire feels just like Hankook now discontinued 65,000 mile rated 835 model. We sold that tire for years and had great results with it. We expect the same with this tire.

Mileage Plus II (725)

The 725 has been one of our favorite tires for years and we have long experience with it. It carries an 85,000 mile warranty, comes in a wide variety of sizes for cars, small pickups and vans, and is priced comparably some of the best priced 60,000 mile tires! Once again, since the windy roads in Auburn are very hard on tires, we don't expect full mileage from these, or for that matter, any tire. However, we have over the years, gotten very good feedback from our customers. These wear quite well, (especially for their great price). They make more or less no noise on the road (unless unevenly worn), are very good in the rain and a very low instance of problems. Dollar for dollar, they are pretty hard to beat. The critics liked them too. A couple of years ago these were rated 3rd best car tire by a leading consumer magazine.

Optimo H727

The 727 is Hankook's top of the line car tire. These made it to the second best rating by a leading consumer magazine, even though, (like the 725), they are priced far less than the other top picks. Because they are little more expensive than the 725 and don't come in as many sizes, we don't stock many of these. However, having sold quite a few of them, our customers have consistently told us that they drive beautifully. i.e.: they are really smooth and quiet. Also, they have a bit wider tread face than most tires in comparable sizes so they look great on the car. And as with all Hankooks, they are excellent in the rain.

Ventus V2 Concept H437

The 437 is a brand new tire in Hankook's line up. It is a high performance, all season rated tire. Since it is such a new tire we don't have much track record with it. However, it looks like these will be a smooth riding tire that is very good in wet weather. They are priced as low as just about any performance tire (excepting cheap junk!). As far as dry cornering performance goes, they are placed in the lower end of Hankook's high performance line, meaning they won't corner as well as an ultra-high performance (cost no object) tire, but that they also will wear pretty well. We expect these to be around a 40,000 mile tire, while the norm for performance tires is more like 30-35,000, and ultra-high performance 20,000 or less!

Ventus V12 evo

This is Hankook top of the line high performance street tire. They are aimed higher end luxury and high performance cars. Though we don't stock these tires, we highly recommend them. The reasons for this are as follows: They are very competitively priced, much lower than almost anything at their quality level. They are very high performance while offering while still offering a smooth ride. And last, perhaps most importantly, their tread design. If you notice the almost solid tread along both edges of the tire. Having this type of tread results in the tire resisting the "cupping", or uneven up and down wear that happens with many high end vehicles. That means that this tire will stay quiet for a lot longer. In addition, even though this tire is not all season, (or M+S rated), Hankook has carefully crafted the inner parts of the tread for optimum water dispersion, so they will be excellent in the rain. As a side note, according to our favorite consumer magazine, almost all of the "high performance summer" tires outperformed the best "high performance all season" tires in the rain! These should do the same.

Ventus AS RH07

The RH07 is a tire made for a number of different SUV and small pickup applications. There are not a lot of sizes available, but for the sizes that they do come in, they are a pretty good choice. The reasons for that are these: They will be good in the rain, smooth riding and they carry a 65,000 mile warranty. All of this while being one of the best priced tires in their class.

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