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Our Recommendations for Light Truck and SUV Tires

Economy Truck/SUV Tires

In the economy truck and SUV tires, there are a number of different choices we sell depending on size and availability. Here are some of our most popular:

Eldorado Sport Fury SUV and Sport Fury LT A/S

Sport Fury SUV

Sport Fury LT A/S
Eldorado is a private brand that is made by Cooper, and most of them (including these) are made in the US. The Sport Fury SUV and the Sport Fury LT A/S are their entry level truck tires, and the main one we carry in the economy all season category. They're 40K rated tires that are good, solid, dependable tires with mild tread designs. The standard load (4 ply rating) tires are sold in the Sport Fury SUV, and the load range C, D and E (6, 8 and 10 ply ratings) tires are the Sport Fury LT A/S.

Fuzion SUV, and Mastercraft Courser MSR

Fuzion SUV

Courser MSR
The Fuzion is made by Bridgestone and is their lower cost line of tires. The Fuzion SUV is made in standard load truck and SUV size, features a mild all terrain tread design, and is rated at 50,000 miles. We like these tires a lot because even though they're entry level, Bridgestone only makes good quality tires. We don't carry as many of them, but have them when we can get them at the right price.

The Mastercraft Courser MSR is Mastercraft's snow tire and they're very good. We've sold them for years and they're amazing in the snow, good in wet and dry, and quiet on the road. However, like most snow tires, the MSRs don't wear as well as the better tires, around 35-40K. The reason we've put them in this category is that since they're very well priced, we often stock them as our less expensive tire.

Capitol Precision Trac, Trail Glide A/P, and Goodride A/T

Capital Precicion Trac

Trail Glide A/P

Goodride A/T
These tires are the basic cheapie 40K rated all terrain tires. These are all made in China, and we haven't sold a lot of them, but so far, they've all been “ok”. However, they are very well priced.

Higher Mileage All Season Truck Tires

In general, the higher mileage truck/SUV tires are always in the all season/highway tread designs. These are all M + S rated, and are normally quite good in the rain, but not very good in snow or dirt. The majority of them are rated at 60,000 miles, a few are up to 70,000, but the only ones higher than that are actually car tires that comes in the truck/SUV sizes. Here are some of our favorites.

Cooper Discoverer H/T, Discoverer HT3, and Discoverer CTS

Discoverer H/T

Discoverer HT3

Discoverer CTS
The Cooper Discoverer H/T is Cooper's 60K rated all season truck tire. It comes in both Standard load and LT load ratings. We've sold them for years and have had great results with them. They are quiet on the road, good wearing, and good in the rain, but again, this type of tread isn't really the best for off road or snow use. This tire also has a firmer sidewall. That, combined with the tight tread design makes them very stable on the road. This makes them a good choice for heavily loaded or top heavy vehicles. There is a slight penalty for this in ride quality, but they are by no means harsh riding.

The Discoverer HT3 is the newer version of the HT. As of yet, it is available almost exclusively in load range E (10 ply rating). And even though we think it's a little better than the H/T, it only carries a 50,000 mile rating. That may sound odd, and it did to us, but many manufacturers reduce their mileage warranties on the higher ply rated tires. They do this simply because the vehicles that use them are harder on their tires. So it looks like Cooper made this 50K so that they could actually honor the warranty. Note that this tire has a solid shoulder tread section. This has a number of benefits. It inhibits uneven wear that commercial vehicles tend to have on the front. And it should improve wear and vehicle stability under load. So again, this should be just a little better than the H/T, but designed specifically for heavier vehicles.

The Discoverer CTS is Cooper's newer higher mileage truck/SUV tire, but unlike the HT3, it only comes in the standard load (4 ply rating). It's one of the few truck tires rated at 70,000 miles, but it's much less expensive than the Michelins. Since it's a newer design, we don't normally keep them in stock, but they're definitely one of the best values in this category.

Michelin LTX M/S and Continental CrossContact LX20


CrossContact LX20
The Coopers have been so good, and so well priced that you have to go up to the very best tires to get anything much better. Two of the best “premium” all season truck tires currently available are the Michelin LTX M/S2 and the Continental CrossContact LX20. Both of these tires are rated at 70K by the manufacturer. Both are super smooth and quiet on the road. Best guess is that the Michelin will wear a little bit longer, but the Continental will be slightly better wet traction and quieter. If you notice the tread on the Continental, they have a solid section on the inside of the outer tread blocks. This is actually designed to trap the noise inside the tire. We've also been told that the Continentals drive really nice. On the other hand, everyone loves the Michelins. Both are special order.

All Terrain Tires

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 and Eldorado ZTR Sport xl
Discoverer AT3

ZTR Sport XL
In the all terrain truck/SUV tires, the primary tire we carry is the Cooper Discoverer AT3. These were rated best all terrain tire by a leading consumer magazine, so they get very good traction. Not only that, but they are very well priced, rated for 55,000 miles, and are very well liked by our customers. So they're very hard to beat for the money, and like the Cooper H/T, you have to spend quite a bit more to get anything better. They also come in standard load and the higher load range tires, so they are good for ½ tons and SUVs and the heavier trucks.

The Eldorado ZTR Sport XL is made in the US by Cooper. Since they were designed after the AT3, they have all of Cooper's new engineering built into them so they should also get very good traction. However, Cooper usually puts better rubber on their name brand tires, so they probably won't last as long as the Cooper. But since they are less expensive, they're still a good choice.

Falken Wildpeak A/T and Ohtsu AT4000

Wildpeak A/T

Falken and Ohtsu are two brands owned and manufactured by Sumitomo. Sumitomo has long made good quality tires, most of which are very well priced. So these are some of our favorite good quality, lower priced all terrain tires. They may not be quite the tires that the Discoverer AT3 is but they're still good, safe, dependable tires with good traction. The Falken Wildpeak A/T is Falken's newest all terrain tire. We stock it in the 33X12.50R15LT, and it's the best price in the 32X11.50R15 as well. We've had good feedback on this tire for both traction and driveability. The Ohtsu AT4000 is actually an older tread design that they've brought back, but in some of the sizes, they are a fairly dramatic drop in price from our others tires. We also like the aggressive tread pattern. So these are a very good choice in an inexpensive, but still good quality all terrain.

Mud Tires and “In Betweens”

“In Betweens”
That term may sound funny, but there are a handful of tires that are not really all terrain or mud, but are “in between” the two. Generally, they get better traction than the all terrains, but have better road manners and wear than the full mud tires. So they are, as much as is possible, the best of both worlds. These tires are not for everyone, but when we have customers that need tires like this, they've always been very happy with them. The main tires in this category and the Good*Year Wrangler Dura-Trac, and the two Coopers featured below. The Wranglers are very good tires, with very good traction, and pretty good wear too, but they are a bit more expensive. On the other hand the ST Maxx is a also bit of a jump from the ST.

Cooper Discoverer ST and ST Maxx

Discoverer ST

Discoverer ST Maxx
The Cooper Discoverer ST has long been our go to tire for folks who wanted, or needed something a little more aggressive than an all terrain tire without going to a full mud. They also have the advantage of looking more macho, while still having decent road manners. As stated before, our customers who've chosen these have all been very happy with them. The Discoverer ST Maxx is the newer improved version of the ST, but is a bit more expensive. Apart from the refinements in the tread design, the biggest difference is that it features a three ply sidewall. Many of the more premium mud tires (and the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A) have this feature. It doesn't give the tire any higher weight capacity, but does improve “bruise resistance”. (It makes the tire harder to break.) In the ST Maxx, Cooper takes this a step further by skewing the belts just slightly. So, instead of having the belts exactly perpendicular to the tread, the skew them a degree or two. What this does is protect the tire even more, because if the three sidewall belts were all parallel to one another, you could have an object pierce between the belts. By skewing them, it reduces that risk. Granted, they're not indestructible, but it does make them much more durable.

Mud Tires
We don't carry any mud terrain tires, so these are all special order. Mud tires are made primarily for the off road enthusiast, or someone who simply wants the look. Unless you're in snow deeper than (approximately) 18", or in mud, a good all terrain or snow tire will actually work better. Above that much snow, or in mud, is where these tires really shine. They're also the tire of choices for serious off road use, but again, for light snow or hard packed snow and ice, they're not very good at all. Even in rain, they're not as good as a good all terrain. But again, for deep snow, mud or serious off road use, they are the tires to have.

Another thing that's important to know about mud tires is that they don't have the best drivability. Granted, some are better than others, but in general, they are noisy, and wear unevenly, (which makes rotations a priority), and they wear quickly. In addition, they are normally more expensive, so they're certainly not for everyone. But if you do get them, just remember to keep them rotated every 5,000 miles!

Eldorado MTZ Sport and Hankook RT03

Eldorado MTZ

Hankook RT03
The Eldorado MTZ and the Hankook RT03 are two of our favorite mud tires. The Eldorado we like because they are made in the US by Cooper, and are almost always the best price mud tires. We've also have really good feedback from our customers that have had them. The Hankook we like because, apart for the fact we sell lots of Hankook, they are very good. Not only have we had good feedback on them as far as wear, low noise and excellent traction, but they actually won a Four Wheeler Magazine “Mud Tire Shootout”! As the story goes, when the magazine ran the tests and the Hankook came out on top, they couldn't believe it, so they ran the tests again, and had the same results. So the Hankook are very good, and are pretty well priced. They also have the 3rd sidewall ply that a lot of the higher mud tires have for better puncture resistance when four wheeling.

Cooper Discoverer STT and General Grabber

Discoverer STT

The Cooper Discoverer STT is another one of our favorites because of it's relatively low price, 3 ply sidewall, good wear and relative quietness on the road. We also like the fact that they are made in the US. The General Grabber, sometimes called the Grabber FR, or Grabber red letter, is a very serious off road tire. They are many racers that use this exact tire in professional off road races. When General built these, they departed from the norm, and came up with a completely different mud tread design, but what they came up with works very well (and looks cool!). Also, depending on the size, they're often one of the best prices among the mud tires.

Toyo Open Country MT, and BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2

Open Country MT

Mud Terrain T/A
Since all of the mud tires are special order, we look for what's best, and or, most liked by the customer. These two are a couple of our customer's favorites. The Toyo Open Country MT and the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A. These are some of the most popular premium mud tires. Many of our customers have reported excellent wear on the Toyo (for a mud), and the BFG is relatively quiet. Both are top quality products.

For more on these and our other tires, please see our other sections. Thanks for looking!

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